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UR Human

Self-cultivation and Empowerment

Creating the future in the now. With UR HUMAN you build a stable, coherent foundation; a strong position to live a life in harmony with your unique biography.

The Connection Mindset® is based on insights from neuroscience and network science. It is a future-oriented approach to help you master life’s shadows and light. 

Continue your story - with us.

«It's almost like looking through a new pair of glasses. Best of all, I can influence my experience with all my resources.»

UR Team

«Lively, varied, hands-on.»
Creating healthy connections

Challenges in teams are best solved through negotiation techniques and often require new ways of working together. 

Relationship quality is often a matter of attitudes, personal goals and values. Our mindsets and actions have positive and negative effects on us and others and both can be changed for the better.

UR TEAM resolves dissonances early on and connects talents to form a unit along shared and personal values and goals.

UR Network

We create unique networks every single day

Networks function according to their own rules, whether in our circle of friends, in our organisations or in our brains. 

Let our knowledge and experience with network science inspire you and increase the effectiveness of your company…

… for productive change in your company and networked consensual decision-making.

UR Academy

«An incredibly valuable addition for my own learning and development process as a coach.»


Absorbing complexity with variety

In addition to our work with individuals, we offer a variety of services for organisations and institutions across sectors. Although our projects are diverse, they are all based on simple patterns of communication and collaboration, values and goals, and the relationships between people who want to achieve more together.

«Good practical tips; wonderful examples.»

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